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Q&A with Caucasian James

Q: Are you surprised you won sexiest man on the internet? A: I’m not, no.
Q:Are you surprised the sexiest man on the internet doesn’t have a girlfriend? A: Next question.
Q:What’s next for you? A: I’m going to move to LA and ultimately become bigger than Rihanna.
Q:Do you like breakfast? A: I eat a bowl of cereal every morning.
Q:What brand of cereal? A: Sorry, no free endorsements from me.
Q:Do you have any regrets? A: Not growing my hair out earlier. I look good.
Q:How good are you at dodgeball? A: I’m easily top 10 in my high school class. I actually tried to start a team about a year ago but nobody showed up to tryouts.
Q:Do you sleep with a fan on? A: I do.
Q:What’s your favorite music? A: Anything I can pop and lock too.
Q:Can you moonwalk? A: I can. Quite well actually. That’s something I haven’t shown the internet yet.
Q:Do you have any other hidden talents? A: I have a pretty decent singing voice. With the right production I think I could make it on the pop charts.
Q:Will you ever get married? A: Ideally when I’m 38, just like my Dad.
Q:What’s your type? A: Insta baddie.
Q:Do you believe in true love? A: I do, but I think it’s incredibly rare. I honestly think only about 10% of the population finds it.
Q:Where will you meet your wife? A: The Lebron James Skills Academy.
Q:Did you play basketball? A: Yep. Varsity. Averaged exactly 1 point per game. I was voted most underutilized player in my conference.
Q:Can you dunk? A: Can you dunk???
Q:Alright I can tell this interview is starting to get a little hostile. Should we wrap it up? A: I think that would be smart.